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WALLS OF FREEDOM~ Street Art of Egyptian Revolution

WALLS OF FREEDOM~ Street Art of Egyptian Revolution

‘Walls of Freedom’ is a powerful portrayal of the Egyptian Revolution, telling the story with striking images of art that turned Egypt’s walls into a visual testimony of bravery and resistance. It takes a closer look at the most influential artists who have made their iconic marks on the streets. This survey of Egyptian street art is also enriched by images of the revolution taken by acclaimed photographers and activists. Spanning major Egyptian cities like Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor it is a day-to-day reflection of the volatile and fast-shifting political situation. With contributions by experts in many fields, ‘Walls of Freedom’ not only places the graffiti of the revolution in a broader context, it also examines the historical, socio-political and cultural backgrounds which have shaped the movement.

WALLS OF FREEDOM~ Street Art of Egyptian Revolution
WALLS OF FREEDOM~ Street Art of Egyptian Revolution

“Just finished reading WALLS OF FREEDOM. I have to say I was truly stunned by the boot. I think I was expecting a certain type od graffiti book–great photos, some interviews with artists, etc. Instead of doing (just) this, you really showed the power–and importance of paint on walls. The professionalism of the book is superb but just as importantly the energy of painting is also captured. I love how the timeline on the margins speak to the photos but does not overpower the images–and yet the photos are not just images of cool art but are contextualized: both need each other and are part of each other. It’s history but a breathing history. I have read many of your FROM HERE TO FAME books and while I enjoy them all–and learn something from each of them–this book is truly remarkable.”
− John Lennon

WALLS OF FREEDOM~ Street Art of Egyptian Revolution

“The best book on the Egyptian Revolution…beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring.”
− Sherif Joseph Rizk

WALLS OF FREEDOM~ Street Art of Egyptian Revolution

“Thank you for the book. It is really great, beautifully done, full of energy, and capturing the heart of what was done and what is still trying to be done. I’m glad and proud to be part of it.”
− Ahdaf Soueif

“Wow!! Received the book today and it looks fantastic. Congratulations on the fantastic outcome and good luck with future projects. Glad to have been able to help fund it and will fund future projects you might put out there. Good job.”
− Nick Flight

“The best book on Egypt’s graffiti is ‘Walls of Freedom’. Saw it again today and its excellently well done.”
− Omar Robert Hamilton

“Basma Hamdy and Don Karl have managed the impossible: How to document the many layers of political, personal and artistic outpourings, the developments, the set backs, the artistic initiatives and so much, much more, creating a progressive story closely linked to the specific dates, when each event took place. This alone will make the book an invaluable Encyclopedia of an important chapter in the art history of our time.”
− Valdemar Andersen

“Well written and documented. Brilliant job!”
− Elisa Pierandrei

“You did an amazing job and it’s an amazing project. It is one for the history departments across the world. Congrats!”
− Alan Ket

“After this book, I’m no longer worried if the last three years of work on the wall are going to be documented in a meticulous way worthy of this extraordinary time. Thank you to all those who worked on this book to document our experiences. The story is ongoing, but no regime can erase “our walls or our truths” because this information is now part of the historical record, available to all around the world to see and read.”
− Ammar AboBakr

“Finally my art work is published as part of one of the well written and documented graffiti books “Walls of Freedom: Street Art of the Egyptian Revolution” .. every one now will know more about Gika , Eissa , AboObaida and a lot of other martyrs stories .. finally i can feel how important my work is and how I can change the whole world with some spray cans and share it with every one around the globe”
− Ahmed Naguib

“My book showed up yesterday unexpectedly and WOW! It is a beautiful piece of work that far outstripped my wildest hopes for this project! I loved the amount of care and attention given to offer quite a lot of text and narrative! I know you faced numerous challenges and it is sad that the end result has not been what was hoped still at this point for Egypt but this book serves as an amazing document of the people and the struggle and the power that we all posses. Thank you!”
− Dominic Tiberio