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The big murals of Eduardo Kobra

Eduardo Kobra’s Malala mural

Through his portraiture, Eduardo Kobra imparts powerful social messages simply by selecting the right subject. His recent mural in Rome, for example, was dedicated to Malala Yousafzai, the young social activist working to promote access to education for women in the Middle East. Kobra painted the new mural on the wall of the historical Museo dell’Altro e Dell’Altrove, which faces the Via Prenestina in Rome, a road that dates back to the Roman Empire.


Eduardo Kobra is a civic-minded artist. The subjects of his portraits are humanitarians, architects, scientists, political leaders and rebels — people that, one gets the sense when viewing Kobra’s radiant body of work, have pushed humanity forward. The artist is known for his kaleidoscopic murals that pulse with eye-catching colors.
He realistically renders the recognizable faces of these public figures, but filters them through geometric patterns of saturated, bright colors that speak to their positive messages without using words.

14042856956_d1a675031b_zThe Sao Paulo-based street artist has a signature approach filled with vibrant colors and geometric shapes that merge together to form the portraits of many very prominent figures. He uses a combination of painting, airbrush, and spray paint to produce the enormous works filled with a lively spirit.


My work nowadays is based on the use of old images of the cities I am painting. I visit museums, check the books and from there I come up with some images from the 20s or the 30s that show the architecture of the city. The idea of the murals is to create a city that no longer exists, so people who didn’t live in that time can see it and those who did live back then can have a moment of memory or nostalgia.

















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