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Today in Athens the murals are everywhere and tell the anger, the crises and the hopes of a people. Paul, MaPet, Absent and Bleeps....
Ayham Ahmad plays in Yarmouk. (Photographer: Niraz Saied)

Syria’s Piano Man Sings The Stories Of The War

On the streets of his bombed-out neighborhood, Ayham Ahmad plays a battered piano and sings the stories of Syria’s war. Four years of conflict...

Spotlight on Yazan Halwani, Beirut’s Street Artist

“To Beirut, From my heart, I send peace to Beirut, And kisses to the sea and homes, To the Rock that is as the...

Asia’s Social And Political Issues Through The Eyes Of Pejac

One of the biggest satisfactions of creating my art comes through the actions I make on the streets. When I work on the streets...
N_Grams’ N€IN mural, which has captured Greece’s dilemma as it teeters on the brink of withdrawal from the euro. Photograph: Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters

Greece’s anti-austerity murals: street art expresses a nation’s frustration

Artwork criticising international response to country’s debt crisis has flourished amid economic turmoil and social hardship. Jon Henley meets the artists   As a...
A stencil reading Greece v Everybody by street artist Fl1p in Athens reflects the growing sense of isolation within Europe felt by many Greeks

Photograph: Alkis Konstantinidis/Reuters

Greek graffiti – in pictures

The writing’s on the wall: graffiti in Athens reflect the anxiety felt by many Greeks amid the uncertainty over the country’s debt crisis
"Mediocre" by Axel Void

Axel Void paints a new piece in Katowice, Poland

This piece is part of Axel Void’s “Mediocre” series. Its painted in the neighborhood of Szopienice, in the outsides of Katowice. Szopience is considered...
Shepard Fairey is one of the street artists supporting Google’s project. Photograph: PR

Google Street Art Project: ‘We are not the mural police, we are the mural conservancy’

What some call vandalism, others call street art. Where some see criminals, others see outlaw poets, heroes of free speech taking their work directly...
This work outside The Mine gallery in Al Quoz has been removed.JPG  re Graffiti in Dubai. PICS FROM ANGELA HUNDAL

Female street artists take to Dubai’s walls

Graffiti is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Dubai. When you stroll among the desert city’s skyscrapers or...
London's housing crisis illustrated

Street-chart: London’s housing crisis illustrated – in pictures

A London renter has created street graphs throughout the capital to highlight fast-rising rents, evictions and homelessness, the chronic shortage of affordable housing and...
My early paintings on the Wall were very different to my later style. My style changed out of necessity, because every day hundreds of people would come up to me and ask me questions. So I had to adapt to be quicker, which became my Fast Form Manifesto. The Fast Form Manifesto is a good recipe for people who have to paint fast in dangerous environments, or with constantly interruptions. You need two ideas and three colours. It was a way for me to show people that this mythical wall was not built for ever and could be changed.
DALeast, an artist from China, created this work after travelling across India
Photograph: Akshat Nauriyal (By The Guardian)
Mehdi Ghadyanloo in front of his mural in Shoreditch, London.
Paws for thought? While some graffiti art is explicit in its messages, other pieces are more ambiguous
Bansky, Gaza
Blu -Niscemi