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Le splendide ma amare vignette di Angel Boligan

Si chiama Angel Boligan Corbo ed è la firma di queste splendide, ma amare, vignette. Attraverso la sua arte fotografa una società schiacciata dal consumismo, ignoranza e maleducazione.

Angel Boligan Corbo

Angel Boligan Corbo

Angel Boligan Corbo was born on 10th may 1965 in San Antonio de los Baňos, Havana, Cuba. Since 1992 he lives in Mexico. He studied at the National School of Plastic Arts Instructors in Havana, from which he graduated in 1987 as a Teacher of Plastic Arts. He worked as editor, illustrator and cartoonist for magazine “El Universal” and newspaper “Conozca más”. Currently he is working as editorial cartoonist for the Humour magazine “El Chamuco”. He does cultivate all branches of graphic humour. For his cartoon creation he was awarded more than 120 various prizes and mentions at international cartoon contest. Angel Boligan Corbo is a member of National Union of writers and artists of Cuba, member of Caglecartoons, Inc. International Syndicate of Cartoonists of United States and Courrier International Agency in France. He is the President of Cartoonclub Agency, Club of Latin Cartoon. He holds Mexican citizenship and lives and works in Mexico City.

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