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Syria’s Piano Man Sings The Stories Of The War

On the streets of his bombed-out neighborhood, Ayham Ahmad plays a battered piano and sings the stories of Syria’s war. Four years of conflict have brought his hometown of Yarmouk — a Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus — to its knees. Like many Palestinian camps around the region, Yarmouk had evolved into […]

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Olek Beautifies Homeless Shelter with Colorful Crocheted Yarn

  Crochet-artist extraordinaire Olek visually transformed one of the 184 homeless shelters which dot the Indian capital city of New Delhi, to raise awareness about the lives of the desperate people who live in them. Covering the entire 40 feet long and 8 feet high structure with crocheted yarn was a labor of love for […]

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5 Egyptian artists working with innovative practices (by C. A. Xuan Mai Ardia)

Art Radar brings you 5 Egyptian artists working with innovative practices. From sound and performance to multimedia and installation, here are 5 artists from Egypt that are changing perspectives on contemporary art from North Africa. Fathi Hassan Nubian artist Fathi Hassan (b. 1957, Cairo) creates works that question the meaning of language, as well as […]

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No power, great responsibility~ the Spider-Man of Cairo

Atef Saad is a 21-year-old chef at an Italian restaurant in Cairo. Last week, however, he swapped his usual chef’s whites for a Spider-Man costume, and set out to roam the streets of Cairo, posing for a photography project by his 20-year-old friend, Hossam Atef. In a bid to “highlight the everyday difficulties Egyptians face”, but “in a funny way”, Atef photographed his […]

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Keith Haring: il lato politico di una leggenda pop-art

  GRAFFITI POP – A SAN FRANCISCO LA RETROSPETTIVA DI KEITH HARING, TRA OMINI COLORATI CHE DENUNCIANO DANZANDO, MURALES FALLICI, AUTORITRATTI E OMAGGI AGLI AMICI WARHOL E BASQUIAT [ Keith Haring: The Political Line, 8 Novembre 2014- 16 febbrario 2015 ~ De Young Museum, San Francisco ] Da vent’anni la “west coast” non gli dedicava […]