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Banksy’s refugee piece shows us how to protest – and grieve

By Suzanne Moore To see interesting art you don’t have to go to a gallery, you just have to walk the streets. One of the most reproduced images of the past couple of weeks is a mural, commissioned in Brixton, of David Bowie, by the Australian street artist Jimmy C (James Cochran) which now acts […]

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Today in Athens the murals are everywhere and tell the anger, the crises and the hopes of a people. Paul, MaPet, Absent and Bleeps. (Athens) Since the beginning of the Greek crisis, the street art was a way to tell and express anger and protest against the crisis and the austerity policies in Europe. Today […]

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Syria’s Piano Man Sings The Stories Of The War

On the streets of his bombed-out neighborhood, Ayham Ahmad plays a battered piano and sings the stories of Syria’s war. Four years of conflict have brought his hometown of Yarmouk — a Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus — to its knees. Like many Palestinian camps around the region, Yarmouk had evolved into […]

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Greece’s anti-austerity murals: street art expresses a nation’s frustration

Artwork criticising international response to country’s debt crisis has flourished amid economic turmoil and social hardship. Jon Henley meets the artists   As a fraught and worn-out Greece careered this week towards a historic vote that could determine its future for generations, one image has captured the country’s dilemma. Websites, TV stations and newspapers around the […]

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Google Street Art Project: ‘We are not the mural police, we are the mural conservancy’

What some call vandalism, others call street art. Where some see criminals, others see outlaw poets, heroes of free speech taking their work directly to the people, bypassing galleries and auction houses, and democratizing the relationship between art and the public. That outlaw freedom jumped time and space last week when the Google Street Art […]

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Female street artists take to Dubai’s walls

Graffiti is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Dubai. When you stroll among the desert city’s skyscrapers or drive along its ever-changing roads, there is little street art to be seen, aside from the occasional hastily scrawled musing. But, if you meander down the alleyways of the beachside suburb […]

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Anatomy of a revolution through art

Syrian artists paint to show the world the gruesome reality behind the war that destroyed most of their homeland. As the war in Syria enters its fifth year, millions of homes have been destroyed and almost half of the population has been displaced. Hundreds of thousands have been killed and injured- the war has resulted […]